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Maps help us tell distance between cities.  Distance means "how far."  We use distance to determine how far something is from something else.  Maps show distance in miles and kilometers.  The numbers in the map below show the number of miles between the cities.  Use the map below to the determine the  distance between two cities.

* Orange Numbers are Miles.

1.  Distance means

"how close."

"how soon."

"how late."

"how far."


2.  How far is it from Verona to Harrisville?

18 miles.

15 miles.

19 miles.

35 miles.


3.  How far is Edgar from Harrisville?

22 miles.

18 miles.

24 miles.

28 miles.


4.  How far is Leon from Good Hope?

33 miles.

36 miles.

35 miles.

30 miles.


5.  How far is Morristown from San Jose?

41 miles.

43 miles.

49 miles.

46 miles.


6.  How far is it from San Jose to Calvin?

23 miles.

32 miles.

37 miles.

35 miles.


7.  How far is it from Morristown to Leon?

69 miles.

70 miles.

72 miles.

68 miles.


8.  According to the map Lexington is ____ miles from Leon.

56 miles.

55 miles.

58 miles.

48 miles.


9.  If you lived in Harrisville, what city is closer to your home?






10.  How many miles would you travel if you went from Verona to Harrisville to Morristown and back to Verona?

69 miles.

72 miles.

75 miles.

77 miles.



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