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Read the statements below and complete the questions in the boxes.  Print your worksheet when you are finished.

Your community is the place where you live.  Every community is different.  Yet every community is similar to other communities.

What community do you live in or near?

What state do you live in?

Some communities have a few houses while other communities may have thousands of houses.  Communities can be villages near farms, a small town, a suburb of a large city, or a very large city.

Where is your community?

Communities can be near hills, mountains, deserts, plains, rivers, and lakes.

What natural landforms are near your community?

Are there any rivers or lakes near your community?

The weather can be different from one community to another.  Some communities have very cold winters while others have warm winters.  Summer can be very hot or very mild.

In the winter, what is the weather in your community like?

In the summer, what is the weather in your community like?


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