Spelling List 2-8

2-8 Spelling Tip

Short u.
The sign for short u is /ShortU.gif (895 bytes)/.
The short u sound is in run, bus, and mud.
The short u sound can be spelled with an o.
The short u sound is in of and from.


Words Sentences
1. from We are from planet Earth.
2. of What is it made of?
3. umpire The umpire called it a strike.
4. umbrella My umbrella is red.
5. undo You can undo a mistake.
6. untie You must untie your shoe.
7. uneven The doors are uneven.
8. grump The old man was a grump.
9. unzip You can unzip your coat.
10. upstairs Let's go upstairs.
11. hump A camel has a hump.
12. unkind Be nice, not unkind to friends.
13. lump There was a lump in the bed.
14. unhappy She was very unhappy.
15. unbeaten Our team is unbeaten!