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Spelling List 2-33

2-33 Spelling Tip

Words that sound the same but have different spellings and meanings are called homophones.
Four and for, one and won, ate and eight, are homophones.


Words Sentences
1. here Come here by the table!
2. hear Did you hear the song?
3. buy Can you buy the game?
4. by She stood by him in line.
5. ate We ate supper together.
6. eight She is eight years old today.
7. sun The sun shines brightly.
8. son The boy is his son.
9. wait I will wait for you.
10. weight My weight is 87 pounds. 
11. won The Bears won the game.
12. one The score was two to one.
13. four Did you know 2 + 2 = four?
14. for What will we eat for lunch?
15. fore The golfer yelled, "Fore!"

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