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Spelling List 2-32

2-32 Spelling Tip

Word endings ed and ing
When you add ed and ing to words with short vowel sounds you double the final consonant.
In the word hug, double the final consonant and add ed -  hugged
In the word hop, double the final consonant and add ing -  hopping


Words Sentences
1. hugged Dad hugged me yesterday. 
2. hugging We are hugging each other. 
3. hopped They hopped on two feet. 
4. hopping The rabbits are hopping fast. 
5. stepped He stepped in a puddle. 
6. stepping Be careful stepping around it. 
7. clapped We clapped our hands loudly. 
8. clapping Did you hear the clapping
9. tapped Dad tapped on the window.
10. tapping The tapping sound was soft.  
11. trimmed I had my hair trimmed
12. trimming Dad is trimming trees.
13. wrapped The gift was wrapped in red paper.
14. wrapping Mom is wrapping it now. 
15. ripped I ripped the paper in half.

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