Spelling List 2-26

2-26 Spelling Tip

The u sound.
The sign for the u sound is /1_dot_u.gif (866 bytes)/.
The u sound is in u in the words pull and bush.
The u sound is in oo in the words good, took, and look.


Words Sentences
1. pull Do not pull my hair.
2. bush That bush is very picky.
3. good Be good, not bad!
4. took He took $1.00 to the store.
5. look I like to look at animals.
6. push Do not push me into the car.
7. full The jar is full of candy.
8. put Put the books away!
9. bully The boy is a bully.
10. pulls He pulls a little, red wagon.
11. woolen The woolen sweater is warm.
12. root Pull the root of the weed too!
13. bull The bull fighter was brave.
14. wool Wool comes from sheep.
15. puts He always puts his toys away.