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Spelling List 2-24

2-24 Spelling Tip

Words with wh.
Words with the wh sound in them are where, why, and when.
In the words who and whose, the wh has the sound of /h/.


Words Sentences
1. whale The blue whale is very big. 
2. where Where is the red mitten? 
3. why Why are you eating that? 
4. whether I'll go whether you do or not.
5. whenever She said, "Whenever is fine."
6. whistles The boy whistles very loud. 
7. whisper You can whisper in my ear. 
8. whiz That kid is a whiz at that! 
9. whole We ate the whole pizza. 
10. whirl I whirl around and around. 
11. whiskers My cat has very long whiskers
12. whoever Whoever comes by will get it. 
13. whom Whom do you live by? 
14. who She likes to see who it is.
15. whose Whose candy is this?

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