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Spelling List 2-23

2-23 Spelling Tip

The st and sp sounds.
The st sound is in the words stop and stood.
The sp sound is in the words speak and spoke.


Words Sentences
1. stood He stood by the boys. 
2. spoke The man spoke kindly to me. 
3. stay The little girl can stay by me. 
4. spoon Use a spoon and fork to eat. 
5. stand The children will stand up. 
6. study Did you study for the test? 
7. space The rocket went into space
8. speak Please speak louder. 
9. spells She spells words very well. 
10. spin Spin it around and around. 
11. stick The stick is from the tree. 
12. stamps Put two stamps on the letter.
13. steps The steps are hard to climb. 
14. still The kitten sat very still
15. speed Do not speed on your bike!

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