Spelling List 2-22

2-22 Spelling Tip

The sn and sl sounds.
The sn sound is in the words snap and snake.
The sl sound is in the words sleep and sled.


Words Sentences
1. snap Can you snap your fingers? 
2. snail See the snail crawl.
3. slide We slide on the ice. 
4. sled The sled went down the hill.
5. sleep The baby went to sleep
6. story Tell me a good story
7. snips She snips hair with a scissors. 
8. sleepy I am very sleepy tonight. 
9. snack It is time for the snack
10. slowly The worm crawls slowly.
11. slap Do not slap the little dog! 
12. snappy You look snappy in that dress. 
13. snacks We will share our snacks
14. slip Do not slip in the puddle! 
15. slower You walk slower than me.