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Spelling List 2-20

2-20 Spelling Tip

The ou sound.
The sign for the ou sound is /ou/.
The ou sound is in ou in the words round and house.
The ou sound is in owe in the words owl, town, and now.


Words Sentences
1. round That ball is not round.
2. house What house do you live in?
3. owl The owl is high in a tree.
4. town The next town is far away.
5. now The time is now 3:00.
6. mouse The mouse has a long tail.
7. how How do I add 23 + 47?
8. soup I like chicken soup.
9. would Would you like to go?
10. our Our family is small.
11. sound The sound of the bell is loud.
12. hour It is 10 minutes after the hour.
13. owe I owe mom some money?
14. flower That flower is a rose.
15. could Could I have the toy?

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