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Spelling List 2-18

2-18 Spelling Tip

The ch sound.
The sign for the ch sound is /ch/.
The ch sound is in ch in the words cheese and children.


Words Sentences
1. cheese I had a cheese sandwich.
2. children The children are loud.
3. lunch Do you eat hot or cold lunch?
4. much How much money is it?
5. each We will each bring 25 cents.
6. cheat Never cheat in a game.
7. munch I will munch on the chips.
8. teach Can you teach me how?
9. which Which way do I go?
10. such It is such a rainy day!
11. chat We can chat on the phone.
12. march He will march in a parade.
13. church The church is very big.
14. teaching We are teaching him how.
15. reach The tall man can reach it.

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