Spelling List 2-1

2-1 Spelling Tip

Short a.
The sign for short  a is /ShortA.gif (877 bytes)/.
The short a sound is in map, bag, and hat.


Words Sentences
1. map The map is helpful.
2. bags Take the bags to the store.
3. van The school van is coming.
4. hat Take your hat off.
5. Dad Mom and Dad are kind to me.
6. animal The animal is a goat.
7. hand Put your left hand up.
8. grand The show was grand.
9. stand Stand on the line.
10. asked She asked me go too.
11. answer Do you know the answer?
12. family My family is very big.
13. jack He put the jack under the car.
14. quack The duck says, "Quack."
15. sack Put the food in a sack.

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