4-1-1 Vocabulary

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Vocabulary 4-1-1

routine - a fixed, regular method of doing things
preoccupied - absorbed; engrossed
congested - too full, filled
numerous - very many
intact - with no part missing; whole
apparent - plain to see or understand



The house had no damage from the storm.
The street was with many cars and trucks. 
The teacher followed the same every day.
He found the suitcase in perfect shape with everything .
The little girl was with the movie she was watching. 
There are kinds of candy at the candy store.



If the damage from the storm is apparent it is easy to:

see, hear, or rebuild

Which of the following would be too numerous to count?

planets, stars, or moons

If the Monopoly game was intact it means it was:

complete, messy, or broken


If the store was congested it was:

empty, closed, or crowded

She was preoccupied with  reading a book.  Preoccupied means:

finished, absorbed, or writing


They follow the same routine every week.  Another word for routine is:

method, idea, or road



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