620-2 Mrs. Frisby/Rats of NIMH (23-Eplg)

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Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIHM

Possible Answers


1.  Jenner left the group because he disagreed with the decision to destroy the machines.  Would you have felt the same way as Jenner did about this decision? Why?
Possible Answer:   I do not agree with Jenner.  Keeping the machines would eventually cause them problems.  No matter how far away they moved or where they went, someone was sure to find the machines.   They could not hide them forever.  Nicodemus' idea of destroying them was a very good idea.


2.  The reader knows that Mr. Frisby lost his life trying to put sleeping powder into Dragon's bowl.  You also now know that Mrs. Frisby was caught under a colander by Billy Fitzgibbon while trying to do the same thing as her husband.  Since the author does not give the specifics of Mr. Frisby's death, explain how  you think he died.
Possible Answer:   I think Mr. Frisby was caught and eaten by Dragon.  It's obvious to the reader that the Fitzgibbons were not even aware of the mice in their house.  If they were, I think they would have put out a trap or some kind of poison to kill them.  Therefore, I think the cat got him.


3. Why does the shrew characterize the rats as thieving, hulking beasts?
Possible Answer:  The shrew is a very tiny rodent.  The rats would be very big in comparison to her.  That is why she would refer to them as hulking beasts.  She also knows that rats steal and she was trying to stop them from moving Mrs. Frisby's house.  She probably believed they were going to steal that as well.


4.  Do you believe that Justin was one of the two dead mice carried off by the men in white coats?
Possible Answer:  I do believe he was.  He was the kind of rat that was always very kind and brave.  Brutus said that when he was overcome by the fumes a very brave rat shoved him toward the opening.


5.  What do you think the letters NIMH stand for?
Possible Answer:  I think the last two letters stand for Medical Hospital and the first two letters could stand for the name of a city with the initials N and I.  This makes sense because hospitals have laboratories and the rats and mice were captured, injected, and taught at a laboratory.



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