619-2 Mrs. Frisby/Rats of NIMH (19-22)

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Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIHM

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1.  The author states that the rats were able to get the laboratory collars off, but does not explain how they got them off.  Give your explanation of how this happened.
Possible Answer:  I believe the rats took some kind of piece of trash they found and turned it into a tool.  They were intelligent now and understood how things worked.  They could have sharpened the item they found into a saw and cut the collars off of each other's necks.


2.  Do you agree with Mrs. Frisby's decision to not tell her children that she had volunteered to put the sleeping powder in Dragon's bowl.  Why?
Possible Answer:  I disagree with Mrs. Frisby.  What if something goes wrong and she does not return to her house.  The children do not know how their father died.  I think it would be terrible to not know how both of your parent died.  If she told them, at least they would know that she was a hero.


3.  Nicodemus believes rats would not have made tools if they developed their own civilization.  Do you agree or disagree with his belief? Why?
Possible Answer:  I think Nicodemus is correct.  Rats are rodents.  Rodents have teeth that keep on growing.  These teeth are the only tools that rats needs.


4.  Why is the Toy Tinker an appropriate name for the dead man they found in the woods?
Possible Answer:  My grandpa uses the word tinker all of the time.  He says it means to keep busy at something.  This was the perfect name for the man because he made and repaired toys.  He tinkered with toys.


5.  The rats discover that life was too easy and they became worried.  What are some conveniences in your life that perhaps make life too easy?|
Possible Answer:  One of the things is the remote for the TV.  It makes me very lazy.  I don't even have to get up to change the stations.  Another convenience that I use that makes life easy for me is a car.  Many times I will ask my mom or dad to take me someplace in their car.  I could easily walk or use my bike.  It would be good exercise for me and it would also be better for the environment.


6.  Jenner and Nicodemus disagree over the creation of a rat civilization.  Who do you agree with and why?
Possible Answer:  Jenner believes that the rats should always depend upon others to survive.  I'm not sure if he's right or not.  I'm not sure if rats could be intelligent enough to create their own civilization.



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