617-2 Mrs. Frisby/Rats of NIMH (11-14)

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Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIHM

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1. The Rats of NIMH speak of their annual light bulb harvest.  Compare this to a harvest of something you are familiar with.
Possible Answer:  My family owns an apple orchard.  In the fall of the year we have an annual harvest of apples.  It is a very busy time of the year.  Apples must be harvested with great care so they do not bruise.  We have seven different varieties of apples.
  Once the apples are harvested they are put into pecks, half bushels and bushels and are stored in our warehouse market.  People come to buy them, and in no time at all we are sold out!


2. Mrs. Frisby gasped as she experienced the movement of an elevator for the first time.  Explain the feelings someone experiences as an elevator ascends and descends.
Possible Answer:  When an elevator ascends it makes me feel like there's something living in my stomach.  It is a very uncomfortable feeling.  However, descending gives me a completely different feeling.  It's kind of like you're weightless.   It's fun to jump up just before the elevator stops!


3.  What do you think "The Plan" is?
Possible Answer:  I think "The Plan" is a very carefully and well thought out plan to overtake the Fitzgibbon farm.  I believe the rats are going to continue to build their underground tunnel in the rosebush.  They will also gather more technology that will give them more and more power.  They already have electricity!   They also have figured out how to put a cat to sleep using powder.  Eventually they will take over the entire farm!


4.  Mrs. Frisby refers to her husband's saying, "How easy it is to unlock a door when you have the key."  Write about an incident in your own life in which Mr. Frisby's saying would also apply.
Possible Answer:  The time I remember the best is when I did not understand how to put fractions in lowest form.  I struggled and struggled with this.  Mr. Adams my teacher tried to help me and so did my older brother.  It wasn't until I asked my Grandpa to help me that I began to understand.  I guess he gave me the right key.  He helped me see that it's important to understand the relationship between division and how it's the key.  4/8 = 1/2  I simply divide the numerator and the denominator by the greatest common factor of both 4 and 8. 


5.  The net falls over Nichodemus and three other rats.  Predict what will occur next.
Possible Answer:  I think the rats will be put into a container and exterminated with some kind of poison.  However, they have to escape because there are more chapters in this book!



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