616-2 Mrs. Frisby/Rats of NIMH (7-10)

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Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIHM

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1. Mrs. Frisby recognizes that even though Jeremy is not the brightest of animals, he is still very valuable to her because of the things and places he knew about?  Think of a time when you and someone else successfully worked together to solve a problem.
Possible Answer:  I remember working on a group project in social studies class in fourth grade.  We had to form our own groups.  Our teacher told us not to pick our friends, but rather to choose people who were talented in different areas.  I did choose one of my best friends because he is a very good artist.  The two of us then chose another person who was very good at coming up with ideas.  The three of us made a great group because we were all able to use our own strengths and come up with the best social studies project in the whole class.


2. Why do you think Mrs. Frisby did not believe the owl would listen to her, a lady mouse with a sick child?
Possible Answer:  I think Mrs. Frisby did not believe she was as important as an owl.  A mouse is prey to the predator owl.  It must have been very frightening for Mrs. Frisby to meet the owl.  I'm sure she was frightened for her life.


3.  How would a paper glider react if it were caught in an updraft?
Possible Answer:  A paper glider would sail on and stay up in the air if it was caught in an updraft, rather than glide to the ground.


4.  Mrs. Frisby realizes at one point in the story that she has two choices: stay in the house and be crushed, or wrap Timothy up and risk his life as they move.  Predict what Mrs. Frisby will do and explain why.
Possible Answer:  I believe Mrs. Frisby will risk her son's life.  She loves him and her other children very much.  It would be silly for her to risk all of their lives, especially since she had just lost her husband Mr. Jonathan Frisby.

5.  Jeremy indicates that he's never heard of the rats ever helping anybody but themselves.  Do you agree or disagree with the statement that we only help ourselves and not others.
Possible Answer:  I believe people should help those who are in need.  I've only heard about animals helping other animals in fairy tales life the mouse and the elephant.  I think, if it's possible, that the same thing should happen in the animal kingdom.  If animals can help others, they should.  


6.  The reader now realizes that Mr. Jonathan Frisby was a very important character in this book.  Make a prediction as to why.
Possible Answer:  I think Mr. Frisby lived another life.  He could have been a Supermouse (like humans have a Superman).  I think that Mr. Frisby did a lot of wonderful things for all of the animals he came in contact with.  He must have helped the owl and the rats because they all knew and respected him.



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