614-2 Mrs. Frisby/Rats of NIMH (1-3)

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Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIHM

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1. The reader learns in Chapter One that Mr. Frisby had died the preceding summer.  However, the author does not explain how Mr. Frisby died.  Create an explanation for his death.  Include events leading up to it and its untimely occurrence.
Possible Answer: Mr. Frisby was a very clever mouse and a loving father to his children.  He taught them everything a mouse needs to know to survive.  I believe however that as careful as he was, its a fact that  he was prey to many predators.  One day while out gathering food for his family he was being stalked by the farm cat, and observed from above by a hawk.  He was very much aware of the cat and was paying careful and close attention to it when suddenly the hawk swooped down.   Mrs. Frisby called out, but it was too late.  Mr. Frisby was scooped up and carried away.


2.  Mr. Ages is an old and very wise mouse?  Select an old and wise person you are familiar with and make comparisons between this person and Mr. Ages.
Possible Answer: My great grandfather is old and wise.  He has white hair just like Mr. Ages.  My great grandfather always knows what to do when someone is sick.  He has many ideas that work.  When I have a very bad cold he'll advise my parents  to put a vaporizer in my bedroom.  He also believes in putting Vicks VapoRub on your chest.  I've tried these suggestions many times and they work most of the time.


3.  You are introduced to Jeremy the Crow in this chapter.  Research and write a paragraph about crows?
Possible Answer:  There are about 10 different kinds of crows.  They are about 20 inches long and have mostly black feathers and beaks.  The raven is the largest and the most widespread of crows in the Northern Hemisphere.  They destroy many crops, but also eat many harmful insects.
  They pair in March.  The female usually lays five bluish-green eggs with dark blotches.  While she nests, the male crow provides food for her.


4.  Mrs. Frisby helps the crow remove the string from his leg.  Create a scenario in which one animal helps another animal out of a difficult situation.
Possible Scenario: Scene: A large oak tree and a city park
Characters: Squirrel, Robin, and Blue jay
It is early spring and the male and female robins have built a beautiful nest.  The female robin lays three light blue eggs and patiently waits for them to hatch.  Eventually the big day arrives.  The robin family has now increased by three baby birds.  The baby birds are fed daily by both of their parents.  Eventually the day arrives when the young fledglings leave the nest.  They join their parents in the neighborhood park learning how to fly and search for food.  Suddenly a large blue jay appears!  It attacks the smallest of the young birds, and chases it away from its family.   Frightened and unaware of where its parents are, the young fledgling shouts out loudly hoping someone will come to its rescue.  A large fox squirrel hears the cries of help, rushes down the large oak tree, and frightens the blue jay away.


5.  As Chapter Three ends Mrs. Frisby enters the house taking the three doses of medication with her.  Predict what happens next?
Possible Answer:  I predict that she will give Timothy the medication.  I think it will take a few days for it to work; just as Mr. Ages said it would.  I believe Timothy will regain his health.



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