613-2 Roll of Thunder,Hear My Cry(10-12)

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Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

Possible Answers


1. The Logan family has many strong values.  Some of these include: self-respect, caring, completion of tasks, and honesty.  Give examples of each of these that you found throughout the book.
Possible Answer:  Self-respect - Cassie always stood up for what she believed.  She even tricked Lillian Jean.  This shows that Cassie had a lot of respect for herself.  Caring - All of the Logan family was very caring.  Papa was very kind to give Mr. Morrison a job.  Mama was always very kind to her students.  All of the Logan children were kind and caring to each other.  Completion of tasks - The Logans made sure they paid their taxes no matter how difficult it was or what they had to give up.  Honesty - The Logan children always told their parents the truth about what they were doing.  They did even when they were doing things their parents didn't approve of.


2.  Do you think the Logan family will ever discuss the fire in the cotton field?
Possible Answer:  Yes, I do believe they will discuss it.  I think if there was another chapter in the book that mama and papa would have sat the children down and talked about it.  They were a very open and honest family.


3.  Imagine that you find a time capsule that was buried by Cassie in 1933.  What items do you think you will find inside and why? Possible Answer:  I think the time capsule might have a letter written by Cassie.  It would explain how she was treated and it would show how stubborn she was about how she felt about her treatment in 1933.  There might also be one of the school books that she had in school.  I also think there would be some cotton that she might have picked with her own hands.


4.  Make a prediction as to what you think will happen to T. J. Possible Answer:  Even though I believe it is wrong I think that T. J. would have gone to prison and would have to work on the chain gang until he was a very old man.  I think that Cassie and her brothers would have made every effort to visit him in prison as often as they could.


5.  Do you think Cassie will ever go to high school or college?
Possible Answer:  If any child in those days could have gone to high school and college I believe Cassie would have been the one to.  She was always questioning why things were the way they were and was very upset about this.  In this book she is a young girl in elementary school.  I think she would have continued to question and find answers and would have eventually gone to high school and possibly even college.


6.  In Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, Cassie is kept from achieving all that she dreams of.  Make a prediction as to what Cassie would have become if racial prejudice were not a part of her life when she was growing up. 
Possible Answer:  I think Cassie would have become some kind of politician.  She would have grown up and made sure that things changed for the black people.  Even as a young girl she was too troubled to let things remain the same.



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