612-2 Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry (8-9)

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Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

Possible Answers


1.  Do you agree or disagree with Cassie's plan to "get even" with Lillian Jean?  Explain and give reasons. Possible Answer:  I agree with Cassie's plan.  I think she has the right to be equal to anyone and everyone no matter what color she is.  I think she was very careful in planning what to do so Lillian Jean would not try to hurt her.


2.  You are reading about examples of racial bias against the Logans and the other blacks in 1933.  Give five other examples bias, and explain each. Possible Answer:  Tall boys and girls make better basketball players.  This is not necessarily true because a short, very quick person can also be an excellent basketball player.  Boys are better math students than girls are.  I believe both boys and girls can be good math students.  I just think sometimes schools recognize more boys than girls for their math abilities.  Black people have more music ability than white people.  Many black people grow up with music as a very important part of their life, etc.


3.  Cotton was a very important crop of the southern United States at the time this story takes place.  Research cotton and include five important things about it. Possible Answer:  Some facts that could be included: what does a cotton plant look like, what is a boll weevil, the invention of the cotton gin, etc.


4.  Lillian Jean acts like a bully toward Cassie.  Give examples of situations where you have seen someone bully another individual. Possible Answer:  I have seen an example of someone bullying another at school during recess.  Sometimes some of the bigger and older boys like to bully the younger kids around.  Another time I have seen this is during an NFL football game.  Some players like to bully others.  Most of the time they are given a penalty for doing this.


5.  If you could request that your teacher teach something that is not in the curriculum what would you like to learn about and why? Possible Answer:  One thing I would really like to learn about in school is how to type really fast on the computer.  I do not know where all the letters of the alphabet are located.  They all seem to be mixed up and I do not understand why.  If I knew how to type fast it would make things so much easier and I would have more time for other things.



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