611-2 Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry (6-7)

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Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

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1.  Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry takes place in Mississippi in 1933.  Yet on January 1, 1863 Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation stating, "All people held as slaves" in the rebel states would be "thenceforward and forever, free."  Expound upon whether or not the Emancipation Proclamation was being followed in Mississippi in 1933 based upon the book you are now reading. Possible Answer: The Emancipation Proclamation was not being followed in 1933 according to this book.  Blacks were still being discriminated against.  Some examples are that the Logans went to a different school along with other black children and they had to wait to be helped in the store in Strawberry.  The white people who lived in Mississippi during this time were burning and hanging black people.


2.  The worst Depression the United States has ever known was during the year 1933.  It affected most countries in the world.  Many people were without work and money was hard to come by.  Predict what would happen to your family if a depression were in effect today.  How would things change for you? Possible Answer:  Things that might change for me and my family are where we live and whether or not my mom and dad would still have a job.  If either my mom or dad lost their job, we would have to sell our home and move somewhere else.  I would probably not be able to go to the same school either.  My mom and dad now send me to a private school and they would not be able to pay the tuition.


3. How is the Christmas celebrated by the Logan family different or like Christmas's spent in your family? Possible Answer:  Christmas in my family is very much like the Logans' because we spend time with our family.  That is the most important part of our Christmas.  It is different because we get many more gifts than the Logan children did.


4.  Make a prediction as to what you think will occur now that the black people are getting their groceries and supplies in Vickesburg rather than from the Wallaces in Strawberry? Possible Answer:  I predict there will be trouble for the black people.  It seems no matter what the black people do, they get in trouble.  Even though they should have the right to shop where they want to, the white people will punish them for it.



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