610-2 Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry (4-5)

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Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

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1.  The Logan family lived on a farm.  They raised their own vegetables because they could not afford to buy them in the stores.  Explain how this is different from the way most families today acquire their vegetables. Possible Answer:  Most families today that live in cities purchase their vegetables at the grocery store.  Both small and large city grocery stores have produce sections.  These areas have a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.  Some of the items are already packaged and some are not.  If they are not in packages you can select the items and the number you want.    Some larger cities also have outdoor markets where you can purchase fruits and vegetables that are in season.  Once again, you can select the number you want.  Some outdoor markets also carry fresh breads and other bakery, and fish as well.


2.  Imagine that you are Cassie.  You are waiting in the mercantile for service and white people are waited on before you.  Explain how you would feel and react to this situation. Possible Answer:  If I were Cassie I would also be very angry about the way I was being treated.  Growing up when she did had to be very difficult.  Racial prejudice is an awful thing to live with and a very hard thing to try to change.  I'm not sure how I would react because I realize from reading this book that I could have been burned if I did not follow the rules set up by the white people.  Cassie was very lucky to have a caring and loving family who protected her from a lot of the evil that was happening.


3. Find an article in the newspaper that is about a racially motivated incident.  Write about your feelings and reactions to the incident.  Make comparisons about the incident to incidents that occurred in Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry.
Suggestions:  Your response should include a brief summary of the article as well as your feelings about the incident being reported.  Also make at least one comparison about the article and an incident from the book.


4.  Use reference materials to find information about the state of Mississippi.  You might want to gather information related to the story, Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry. Possible Answer:  Mississippi is 47,296 square miles.  Its capital is Jackson.  The state bird is the mockingbird.  The state flower is the magnolia and the state tree is the magnolia.  Soybeans are the major crop.  Cotton used to be the major crop.    Mississippi is bordered to the west by Louisiana, Missouri and Arkansas and to the east by Alabama and Tennessee.  The Mississippi River flows along the west border.



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