609-2 Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry (1-3)

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Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

Possible Answers


1.  Do you believe the children of Great Faith Elementary School received an education equal to the children at Jefferson Davis School?
Possible Answer: I believe they could have received the same education if all of the teachers were like Cassie's mom.  She was a very good teacher who made sure that her students received a very good education.  It did not make a difference to her if children were black or white.  She believed all children deserved a good education.


2.  The Logan family lives in fear because the white people in the community in which they live do not see black people as equal.  Why do some people treat others with hatred?
Possible Answer: The people I have seen who hate others do it because they do not understand them or are jealous of them.  Some children do not like others because they are jealous of the clothes they wear and things they have that they would like.  Some kids are mean to others because they may be poor.  They do not understand the way they have to live because it is different than what they know.  Perhaps these kids only have one parent working or maybe a parent is very sick.  In many of these families it is hard or almost impossible for the children to have any extra things.  They are lucky to have just what they need.


3.  Do you agree with Mr. Logan's decision to bring Mr. Morrison to live with the family?
Possible Answer: Having Mr. Morrison come to live with the Logan family just shows how much Mr. Logan loves his family.  He cares about them very much and is very happy to know that someone is there to protect them while he is gone.


4.  How can racial prejudice affect a young person's life?
Possible Answer:  I think racial prejudice can help a person be stronger and stand up for what he or she believes.  It would be very hard and unfair to be treated like Cassie and her family were treated, but I think it also made them stronger.



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