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Who Really Killed Cock Robin?

Possible Answers


1.  Explain how fabric is dyed using plants as a natural means to dye fabric.
Possible Answer:  Natural dyeing of fabrics is done using plants, bark and fruits or vegetables.  The first thing you have to do is collect the material you want to use.  Next you soak or boil the gathered materials in a large container of water.  Wait until you have the color you desire.  Take the item you plan on dyeing and place it into the natural dye you have created.  Let it soak until it becomes the color you desire (it will become lighter after it dries).  Take the item out and rinse it until the water is clear.


2.  Mary Alice now realizes NASA was responsible for the order to burn the special fabric.  She however feels terrible because she doubted her father.  Think of a time that you doubted someone very close to you, and explain how you felt.
Possible Answer:  A time I remember very clearly is when I doubted my grandmother.  When I was about six years old she told me she would take me to see a play at the theater.  I thought the play was only going to be shown for a week.  When the week had passed and my grandmother had not called to make plans, I was very angry with her.  It wasn't until the following week that I realized the play was scheduled to be in town for a month.  When my grandmother called about two weeks later to invite me I felt terrible that I had doubted her in the first place.


3.  On page 171 the Mayor and Lamberty are compared to reeds.  (They are still small enough to bend.)  Explain what is meant by this comparison.
Possible Answer:  This comparison means that the Mayor and Lamberty are still flexible.  It means their feelings and views can still be changed.


4.  Which person in this story are you most like?  Describe the ways in which you are like that person.
Possible Answer: The person I am most like in Who Really Killed Cock Robin? is Tony.  We both believe in taking care of the environment and making people aware of environmental problems.  Neither Tony or I give up if we believe in something.  We're also alike because neither of us hesitate to ask questions to find answers.  Both of us also enjoy working with people who can help solve problems.


5.  What do you feel was the most important event in the story?  Why?
Possible Answer:  I believe the most important event in the story was when Mary Alice realized how important it was to let Saddle return to nature.  I enjoyed reading this part because that's what nature and wildlife are all about.  However Saddle will have problems in his natural setting because he imprinted upon Mary Alice.  The author doesn't mention it, but I hope Mary Alice realizes how important it is not to let an animal imprint upon a person.



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