607-2 Who Really Killed Cock Robin? 5-6

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Who Really Killed Cock Robin?

Possible Answers


1.  Why is it dangerous for an animal to "imprint" upon a human?  Give two or more reasons.
Possible Answer:  It is dangerous for an animal to imprint upon a human for several reasons.  First of all animals belong in the wild.  It is illegal to keep a wild animal in your possession.  It is also very dangerous because if an imprinted animal mistakes another person for the person it has imprinted upon, the person may become frightened and injure or even kill it.


2.  Research the fabulous peregrine falcon, the bird of kings?  Write a paragraph describing your findings and draw a picture of this bird.
Possible Answer:  The peregrine falcon is the most famous and most skillful flier of all falcons.  It has long-pointed wings, bare shanks and feet and loose-looking feathers.  The peregrine falcon is known as a duck hawk in America.  It is the favorite falcon used by falconers.  A falconer is a man who catches and trains falcons to pursue and capture wild game.


3.  What is the relationship of duck weed to fish?
Possible Answer:  Duck week is an important part in the food chain.  Insects and snails live in duck weed.  If there are insects and snails living in the duck weed they are also laying their eggs.  These eggs are an important food source for fish.



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