605-2 Who Really Killed Cock Robin? 1-2

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Who Really Killed Cock Robin?

Possible Answers


1.  Make a prediction to as what you believe killed Cock Robin.  Use the information you have gathered from Chapters One and Two to support your prediction.
Possible Answer: I believe Cock Robin was killed by the chemicals being dumped into the river by the Missatonic Mill.  Tony has gathered evidence using the water testing kit.  The evidence indicates that there is something wrong with the water in the Missatonic River.  The notes Tony and his brother have also document problems with the robins such as thin egg shells, a lack of singing, and the deaths of young robins.


2.  Compare and contrast the city in which you live to Saddleboro.
Possible Answer: The city of Saddleboro and the city in which I live are similar in several ways.  In addition to having a polluted river, the air in the city I live in has terrible air quality due to the many industries.  I live in a city with many industries whereas Tony lives in a city in which one industry seems to be the major polluter.  I also believe the city of Saddleboro is much smaller than the city I live in.  Some other similarities include areas of wilderness and wetlands.  A difference between the two cities is the fact that I live in a very mountainous region and the book doesn't mention any mountains located in the city in the book.  Another thing shared by both cities is the fact that both communities  have a group of people who believe in and are committed to making cities cleaner and healthier for its citizens.


3.  Give an example of your favorite harbinger of spring and explain why.
Possible Answer: My favorite harbingers of spring are tulips, daffodils and hyacinths.   I can't wait to see the tiny green shoots come through the earth.  In a matter of a few days they are tall and blossoming.  When the beautiful colors come forth, it is a beautiful sign of what is to follow.



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