604-2 The Indian in the Cupboard (13-16)

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Indian in the Cupboard

Possible Answers

1.  The climax of a story is the point when the problem is solved or there is a major turning point.  Can you find the climax to this story? 
Possible Answer: The climax of the story occurs when Omri makes the decision to send the little people back to their times.


2.  Did you like the way Omri solved his problems?  What are other ways he could have solved them? 
Possible Answer:  I think that if Omri would have told his parents about what happened he might not have had as many problems.  His parents would have been able to help him solve many of the problems he found himself in.


3.  Why was it important to Omri that he return the little people to their times?  Explain why.
  Possible Answer:  I think it was very important to send them back.  I do not think they belonged living in 2001.  Too many things have changed and they would not have been able to adjust to these changes.


4.  Which do you think had the magic, the cupboard or the key?  Choose one and give reasons for your answer. 
Possible Answer:  I think the key was magic.  The reasons I believe this is because it was a very special key because it belonged to someone very special.  I also believe this to be true because he always turned the key after he closed the door.


5.  Now that you have finished reading The Indian in the Cupboard, do you have some questions that were left unanswered such as:
-Did Omri's mother know that the key was magic? -How did Little Bear raise the big beams of the long house by himself? -Didn't Omri ever feel guilty about keeping Little Bear prisoner? -After the trouble between Little Bear and Boone began the first morning, why didn't Omri send Boone back? Make a list of additional questions you have. 
Possible Answers:  How did Little Bear know that the white men were stealing Indian lands? Why didn't the lunchroom lady punish the boys? Why didn't Little Bear ask where he was right away? What happens when Little Bear and Boone return home?



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