603-2 The Indian in the Cupboard (9-12)

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Indian in the Cupboard

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1.  When Omri tried to cook beans and an egg for his guest, he broke the egg an crumbled egg shells into the pan together on the hot fat.  Think of a breakfast you would like to prepare for someone special.  Make a list of the items you would serve and how you would prepare each item. Possible Answer: blueberry pancakes with whipped cream and fresh orange juice - I would make the pancakes using the directions on the box using the required amount of milk, eggs and oil.  I would also add one cup of fresh blueberries.  Next I would peel 6 to 8 oranges and put them in the juicer to make juice.  I would also put whipping cream into the mixer and whip it until it is cream.


2.  Prejudice is an opinion without just grounds or before sufficient knowledge.  Think of a situation in which you witnessed an act of prejudice.  Write a paragraph explaining the situation and your feelings or reactions to the incident. Possible Answer: I remember witnessing an incident on the playground last year.  It involved my friends who were making fun of two Asian students at out school.  They were calling them names and laughing at them.  I was embarrassed to be with them.  It was difficult to do, but I walked away from them.  At lunch hour they asked me if I was mad at them.  I told them that I was mad about what they were saying.  We had a long discussion.  I listened to them and they listened to me.  We're still friends - and they don't make fun of other people anymore.


3.  Omri's getting frustrated with his best friend Patrick. What should he do?  Write a letter to Omri giving him suggestions. Possible Answer:

Dear Omri,

It's not very often that best friends disagree.  However, sometimes it does happen.  My advise to you is to try to understand your friend's point of view.


Jim Balck


4.  Patrick insisted on having both Little Bear and Boone in his pocket during lunch.  Make a list of three to five dangerous things that could have occurred and there consequences. Possible Answer: 1.  They could have gotten into a fight and one or both of them could have been injured or killed.

2.  One or both of them could have jumped out of Patrick's pocket and everyone would have see them.

3.  They could have escaped from Patrick's pocket and got lost at school.

4.  They could have escaped from Patrick's pocket.  The headmaster might have found them and Patrick and Omri would have been expelled from school.



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