602-2 The Indian in the Cupboard (5-8)

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Indian in the Cupboard

Possible Answers

1.  What do you predict will happen between Patrick and Omri?
Possible Answer:  I predict  that the friendship between the two will suffer.  They will have disagreements and many differences of opinions.


2.  Patrick wants to change "loads of things to life".  What might be some consequences if this happens?
Possible Answer: A consequence that I believe will happen is that there may be a war between the cowboys and the Indians.


3.  If you were Omri, would you get Little Bear a wife?  Give reasons for your answer.
Possible Answer: It would be wrong for Omri to get a wife for Little Bear.  He told him he had a wife who died.  He should respect Little Bear's feelings.


4.  Bows and arrows have been used for approximately 3,000 years.  Research the many kinds of bows and write a report about their advantages and disadvantages from long ago to the present time.
Possible Answer: Should include factual information about the Welsh or English Long Bow.  Accuracy, materials used, size, etc.


5.  Imagine that other plastic toys have come to life in the cupboard in Omnri's room.  What do you think will happen?  What might the characters say to each other? Possible Answer: If the plastic army soldiers came to life it could be a very dangerous situation for everyone, including Omri.  A war may break out in his bedroom and many injuries could occur.  The soldiers would be able to communicate among themselves because they speak the same language.  They would say things like, "Let's capture that Indian!" and "We will put him in prison."  Little Bear would say to himself, "I'm going to scalp the white men."



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