601-2 The Indian in the Cupboard (1-4)

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Indian in the Cupboard

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1.  What do you think Little Bear's thoughts were when he was transported through time to find himself in a giant's cupboard?
Answers may focus upon Little Bear's fears due to unfamiliar surroundings, his size, and unfamiliar time period.  For example: Little Bear felt strange and uncomfortable in his new surroundings.


2.  Conflict is when there are two or more things you want to do and you can't do them both.  Think of a time in your life when you had a conflict and write about it.  Answers may focus on episodes that occurred in one's home environment, school, community, etc.  For example: I remember when I was in second grade.  I was invited to two birthday parties on the same day.


3.  Explain the following quotation from Chapter 3.  "Not only was his Indian no mere toy come to life, he was a real person, somehow magically out of the past of over two hundred years ago." Answers may focus on the reality experienced by Omri.  The fact that his Indian is a living piece of history.


4.  While doing research on the Iroquois, Omri learns about the practice of scalping?  Explain your feeling about this practice.
Answers should give strong examples supporting either the practice of scalping or examples against it.


5.  Little Bear did not live in a teepee, but rather a long house.  Research and draw a detailed long house.  Use factual information to create a realistic illustration.
Drawing of an Iroquois long house should include both an external view and an internal floor plan.


6.  Write a story of a girl and a magic cupboard.  What kind of a toy would she put into the cupboard?  What might happen to the girl and to the toy?
Answer should include one toy and three or more events that will occur to the toy and the girl.



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