509-2 Maniac Magee (22-32)

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Maniac Magee

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1.  Do you agree with Maniac when he says a school is sort of like a big home?  Explain.
Possible Answer:  I agree with Maniac.  When I am in school my classmates are like my brothers and sisters.  My teachers and the principal are like my parents.  I spend almost as much and sometimes more time at school as I do at home.  These are reasons I agree with Maniac.


2.  Why do you think Grayson told the Superintendent he wants to work part-time for a while?
Possible Answer:  Grayson has found a friend.  He is also learning how to read.  These are the reasons I believe he has given for only wanting to work part-time.


3. Explain the meaning of the following sentence from Chapter 28.  "The blanket was there, but it was the boy's embrace that covered and warmed him."
Possible Answer:  Grayson enjoys the warmth of the blanket Maniac has put over him.  However, as he drifts off to sleep he is warm because of the hug he got from Maniac.  This is what the author means when he says the boy's embrace warmed and covered him.  He felt warmed and covered with love.


4. Why is Thanksgiving with Grayson the best Thanksgiving Maniac has ever had?
Possible Answer:  Maniac now has a place he can call home.  He has someone who cares about him.  He also has someone who needs him because he is teaching Grayson to read.  In addition, he has wonderful memories of the Beale family.


5.  Do you think this will be the best Christmas Maniac will ever have?  Why?
Possible Answer:  I do not think this will be his best Christmas.  I think it will be one of his best, but I also believe this book will have a happy ending.  I think Maniac will find a family and live happily every after.



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