508-2 Maniac Magee (16-21)

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Maniac Magee

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1. Do you agree with Maniac that white is about the most boring color of all?  Explain your answer.
Possible Answer:  I disagree with Maniac.  He was able to see many colors in the black people.  He enjoyed all of the variations of browns.  I also am able to see many variations in white people.  I also enjoy and appreciate them as well.  I do not think white is the most boring color of all.


2.  What does the old man mean when he says to Maniac? "You go home to your own kind."  Do you agree with this statement? Why or why not?
Possible Answer:  I disagree with the old man.  I live in a city where many different colors of people all live together.  We do not live on separate sides of the city.  I don't think it is right to have certain parts of a city where only one color or race of people can live.


3. Explain what is meant by the following: Amanda didn't understand that most of the hurt he felt was not for himself but for her and the rest of the family?
Possible Answer:  Maniac was more worried about the Beale family than he was about himself.  I think he is used to hurt and disappointment.  He loves the Beale family very much and doesn't want them to suffer because of him.  He knows that eventually they will be hurt in many different ways because they have allowed him to become part of their family.


4. Why do you think the worried Mr. and Mrs. Beale did not stop Amanda when she went looking for Maniac?
Possible Answer:  Mr. and Mrs. Beale were also very worried about Maniac.  They wanted him to return as much as Amanda did.  I don't think it was right that they let her go because something bad could have happened to her.


5.  Maniac was able to until Cobbler's Knot.  This was something many had tried to do but were all unsuccessful.  Compare this to something you have done that was a great accomplishment.
Possible Answer:  One of my greatest accomplishments was winning first place in the school district math competition.  I had to compete with about 250 kids.  This was a great time in my life - even though I'm very good at math!



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