Maniac Magee

Possible Answers

1. Do you think Maniac should have run away from Aunt Dot and Uncle Dan's house in Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania? Explain your answer.
Possible Answer:  I think he should have run away.  I would have done the same thing.  He thought it was very unfair that he had to live in a house where people hated each other.  The only reason his aunt and uncle stayed together was because of their religion.   Maniac was looking for happiness.  He deserved happiness and a family that loved him.  For these reasons he ran away, and I agree with his decision.


2.  Make a list of phrases that describe the character Amanda Beale.
Possible List of Phrases:  a grade school student, very friendly girl, a person who loved to read books, a friendly girl, someone who shares, a trusting person


3. Why do you think the author uses the words "cool times ten" to describe Maniac Magee?
Possible Answer:  I think Jerry Spinelli used this to try to explain to the reader how cool Maniac really is.  Cool times ten gives the reader the idea that Maniac is not someone who you should feel sorry for, but rather someone who can survive anything.  As I continue to read I understand that this is indeed true because of the many things he is able to accomplish on his own.  Maniac Magee doesn't let anything or anybody get in his way.  I agree.  I think he is not only cool!  He is cool times ten!


4. Why did Maniac go unnoticed at the Pickwell dinner table?
Possible Answer:  He went unnoticed at their home because it was a house filled with many people.  There were always so many people there no one would notice another person or another mouth to feed.


5. Maniac ran the steel rails of the railroad tracks.  Why is this unique?
Possible Answer:  This is something unique because it is very difficult to do.  It is difficult to keep your balance and walk on the steel rails of the railroad tracks.  What Maniac was able to do is almost unbelievable.  He would have to have an incredible sense of  balance to accomplish this!



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