Possible Answers


1. Do you agree with the BFG's belief that humans is crazy for sleeping?  Explain.
Possible Answer:  I do not believe what he says.  I believe that humans need to have rest to keep their bodies healthy.  My mom and dad make me get at least nine hours of sleep every night.  Getting enough sleep helps me in many ways.  First of all I'm a lot nicer to be around when I get enough sleep.  I also have more energy and whatever I'm doing I do a better job of it.  These are reasons for me not agreeing with what the BFG says about humans.


2.  In Chapter 14 the BFG explains some of the dreams he has to Sophie.  Which of the dreams do you like the best and why?
Possible Answer:  My favorite was the one about the kid who had a pair of suction boots and was able to walk up the wall and across the ceilings.  I really liked the part about telling his sister she was driving him up the wall.  I'd love a pair of boots like that.


3. Sophie believes that everything that is alive needs to eat.  The BFG explains to her this is not the case.  Give an example of something that is alive, but does not eat.
Possible Answer:  The BFG gives the example of the north wind.  There are many things in nature that are alive but do not need food.  Some of these things would be the sun, moon, and the stars.


4. Sophie believes the Queen of England will help her and the BFG.  Do you believe she is right?  Why?
Possible Answer:  I sure hope she's right.  I'd like to believe the Queen of England would be kind enough to do such a thing.  However, it seems like she might have more important things to do.  I think of our president and wonder if he would do it.  I hope he would as well.  After all it is very important.


5. Do you believe "The Plan" will work?  Predict what will happen next.
Possible Answer:  I think the Queen will wake up from her nightmare and find Sophie sitting on the windowsill.  I think she will be frightened but listen to her because she was in the dream.  The Queen is powerful enough to make a change occur.  I'm anxious to find out if she really does believe a little girl.



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