Possible Answers


1. Do you think it is right that Sophie will be stuck in Giant Country for the rest of her life?  Why?
Possible Answer:  I do think it is right.   I think it would be almost impossible not to share what she has seen with other humans.  This would be difficult to do.  She is just a little girl and has her whole life ahead of her.  I think it would eventually come out.  I also believe that she may have a happy life living with the BFG.  He seems to care for her and like her very much.


2.  Make a list of phrases that describe the BFG.
Possible Answer:  a small Giant, thoughtful and kind, always tries to do his best,  has trouble with words, afraid of the other Giants, has certain ideas about humans, catches dreams


3. Explain what Sophie means when she tells the BFG that a dream isn't something you can catch hold of.
Possible Answer:  Sophie means that a dream is not something you can hold in your hand or catch and put into something.  It is something you experience in your head.  She finds it hard to believe that the BFG is going to catch a dream in a net.


4. Sophie sees a snozzcumber for the first time in her life.  Compare this vegetable to one of the strangest vegetables you're familiar with.
Possible Answer:  The strangest vegetable I've seen is an eggplant.  It's shiny and purple and kind of soft.  


5. Give several examples of why you believe the BFG is indeed a friendly Giant.
Possible Answer:  The first example that comes to mind is the way he carried Sophie when he grabbed her from her bed.  He could have been very rough and stuffed her into his pocket.  Instead he was very careful.  This must have been very difficult because of how large he is.  Another example is the way he protests her from the other Giants in Giant Country.  Nobody that does these things can be anything but friendly.



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