Possible Answers


1. From the information you have been given in Chapter 1 tell about where Sophie lives, and what kind of life she has.
Possible Answer:  I think Sophie must live in some kind of place or school for girls.  The author says that she is asleep in a dormitory.  She is treated very badly in this place.  She says that she is punished for getting out of bed after lights out.  She also says she would like to sneak beneath the curtains and look out.  These are the reasons I think she lives where and how she does. 


2.  Explain how you would feel if you saw the bright flashing eyes of the Giant staring in at you through your bedroom window.
Possible Answer:  I would be frightened to death.  The first thing I would do would be to scream.  I know my parents would come running to see what was wrong with me.  In this way I am very lucky and very different from Sophie.  Hopefully I wouldn't be so scared that I couldn't even scream!!


3. What does the author mean when writing the following words, "She was trembling like a leaf in the wind, and a finger of ice was running up and down the length of her spine?"
Possible Answer:  The author was explaining how scared Sophie was.  I really like the way she writes it.  I can almost feel the same thing Sophie must have been feeling.  This kind of writing makes a book fun to read.


4.  The BFG explains to Sophie that he does not eat human beans.  What do you think he eats?
Possible Answer:  I think the BFG must eat animals since he doesn't eat humans.


5. The BFG states that human beans would put him in a zoo if they catch him.  Do you think he is correct?  Explain.
Possible Answer:  I do agree with the BFG.  Humans do like to put things they don't understand into cages and then try to study them.  We also seem to kill things we do not understand or afraid of.



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