412-2 Dear Mr. Henshaw (pgs.73-102)

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Dear Mr. Henshaw

Possible Answers


1.  Leigh went for a walk to the Butterfly trees when he was feeling rotten.  What do you do when you feel very badly about someone or something?
Possible Answer:  When I am angry or mad I like to go into my fort.  It is a very quiet place to be.  I can think there.  It is a special place because I built it with my two best friends.


2.  Leigh's father has a hard time expressing his feelings.  What would have you written on the postcard if you were his father?
Possible Answer:  I think I would have written something kinder.  I would have said that I know how Leigh feels about losing his dog Bandit.  I would have also said I was sorry for not paying closer attention to him.


3.  Why is Leigh so upset that the man at the hardware store calls him son?
Possible Answer:  He is angry because a stranger calls him son.   He really wants his dad to call him son, instead of kid.


4.  Why did Mr. Fridley tell Leigh that he has to think positively?
Possible Answer:  I think he said that because he noticed Leigh was sad lately.


5.  Do you think Leigh will catch the lunchbox thief?  Explain.
Possible Answer:  I think he will because he made such a great invention.



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