411-2 Dear Mr. Henshaw (pgs. 37-72)

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Dear Mr. Henshaw

Possible Answers


1.  Leigh's father doesn't keep his promises.  Why do you think he doesn't?
Possible Answer:  I think it is hard for him to keep his promises because he doesn't live with him.  Another reason might be that he travels a lot.  It must be very difficult to have a good relationship with his son since he doesn't do what he says he is going to do.  I feel bad for Leigh.


2.  Do you think it was Leigh's father's fault for losing Bandit?  Explain your answer.
Possible Answer:  Yes, I think it was his fault.  He was responsible for him.  Who else's fault would it be?  He should have been more careful and checked on him more closely.  He hurt his son's feeling again.


3.  Explain how Leigh's mother and father are different.
Possible Answer:  Leigh's father is in love with trucking and traveling.  He also doesn't seem to think that his son is very important.  He makes time for lots of other things and puts his son after the other things.  His mom makes sure that he is well taken care of.  She also lives with him and makes sure that he does his homework and is fed and taken care of every day.  Even though she works and goes to school, she thinks Leigh is the most important thing in her life.


4.  What do you think of Leigh's father's suggestion for solving his lunch problem?
Possible Answer:  I think his dad gave him a very bad solution.  Leigh will only get in trouble if he punches someone.


5.  Would you be angry about hearing another boy's voice on the phone if you were in Leigh's place? Explain.
Possible Answer:  I would be very angry too!  Leigh loves his dad very much.  All he wants is his dad to love him and make time for him.  When he hears another boy's voice on the phone it must really hurt.  He probably thinks his dad is paying attention to some other kid and not his own.



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