410-2 Dear Mr. Henshaw (pgs. 20-36)

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Dear Mr. Henshaw

Possible Answers


1.  Where did Bandit come from?  Do you think it was right of Leigh's dad to keep him?
Possible Answer:  Bandit just jumps into dad's truck one time.  I don't think it was right of him to keep Bandit.  He should have checked with someone in the city he was in and reported him missing.


2.  What does Leigh's father mean when he says, "Keep you nose clean."?
Possible Answer:  He means don't get in any trouble.


3.  Why is Mr. Fridley important to Leigh?
Possible Answer:  Mr. Fridley is important because he pays attention to Leigh.  He is the only friend Leigh has at his new school.  He says that Leigh is a lonely boy.


4.  Leigh wrote a very long answer to Mr. Henshaw's question, "What do you wish?"  How would you answer this question?
Possible Answer:  I wish that my dad would not have to go away so much.  He has to travel a lot because of his job.  Sometimes he is gone for two weeks.  It is very hard when he is gone.  My brothers and I have to do more work around the house.  My mom is also unhappy when dad is gone.  This makes it hard for everybody in our family.  This is the one thing I would wish for.



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