408 Mr. Potter's Pet (5-7)

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1.  Why did Mr. Potter know that Margaret was the person he wanted to hire for his housekeeper?

She liked Everest.

She was beautiful.

She liked tea.

2.  Why did Peggy not think it was right that she let Mr. Potter help her with the dishes?

He was a man.

She was paid to help him.

She thought they would argue.

3. What was the message Everest brought to both Mr. Potter and Peggy?

"I like you very much!"

"Would you like to go on a vacation?"

"Will you marry Potter?"  "Will you marry Peggy?"

4.  Why did Everest regret his decision to get Mr. Potter and Peggy together?

They paid very little attention to him.

They put him in the cage too much.

They were not feeding him.

5.  What kind of animal did Everest expect to find in his room when Peggy announced she had gotten a pet?

a mynah bird

a cat

a dog

6.  Who will teach Peggy's bird to speak?

Mr. Potter





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