408-2 Mr. Potter's Pet (5-7)

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Mr. Popper's Pet

Possible Answers


1. Why do you think Mr. Potter does not tell the veterinarian how Everest got the bang on his head?
Possible Answer:  I think he is afraid to tell him.  It is an odd way for a mynah bird to get a head injury.  It's just the way Mr. Potter is.  He's been very quiet and shy his whole life.  I was not surprised he didn't tell him how it really happened.


2.  Do you believe Mr. Potter and Peggy would have gotten married if Everest did not arrange for it to happen? Explain.
Possible Answer:  Yes, I do think they would have gotten married.  Peggy knew when she came to interview for the housekeeper job that she would be meeting him again.  I think she would have told Mr. Potter who she was.  He did say earlier in the book that she was the only girlfriend he ever had.  This is why I think they would have gotten married.


3. Did Mr. Potter and Peggy realize they were spending more time together and less time with Everest?  Why?
Possible Answer:  Yes, I do think they knew and realized it.  Peggy picked a mynah bird because she liked them, but I think she also chose it for Everest.  Then Everest would be as happy as she was with Mr. Potter.


4.  Do you think Mr. Potter would have taken charge of his own life and made changes if Everest had not become a part of his life?
Possible Answer:  I don't think he would have.  I think he would have continued to live like he had lived the past fifty years of his life.  The bird made him see things about himself that he never knew about.  It was a good thing that Mr. Potter and Everest met each other.


5. Write a different ending to this book.
Possible Answer:  First of all Everest would have died from his head injury.  Mr. Potter and Peggy would have been sad for a very long time.  They would come to realize that they needed a pet in their lives.  They would go back to the same pet store to shop for another pet.  The pet store owner would sell them Everest's brother.  They would learn to love their new pet and live happily ever after.



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