Possible Answers


1. Peter was embarrassed about bringing his little brother to the movie with him.  Tell about a time you were embarrassed and explain why.
Possible Answer:  I was embarrassed when I had to walk home from school with my big brother.  My parents thought I was too little to walk home by myself.  I disagreed with them, but it didn't make any difference.  I still had to walk home with him and his friends every day.
   I'm in third grade now and I can finally walk home with my friends. 


2.  Why do you think Peter was worried about Fudge being a genius?
Possible Answer:  I think he was worried because Fudge might get more attention than he already gets.  Peter also thinks that if Fudge is a genius than other people will wonder why he isn't smarter.  He's been worried about this through the whole book.


3.  Why do you think Chapter 11 is titled "Catastrophes?"
Possible Answer:  Many catastrophes happened in this chapter.  This is why I think it's a good name.  The worst catastrophe to happen was when Fudge says things in front of the whole school about his principal and the kindergarten teacher.  Peter is really embarrassed!


4.  Do you think Peter feels like he's a part of the Hatcher family? Explain your answer.
Possible Answer:  I think Peter knows his parents love him, but I also think he believes his parents pay more attention to his little sister and brother.  I am the oldest in the family and I know how he feels.  It's hard being the oldest.  Your mom and dad expect more of you than anyone else.  Many times it seems very unfair.  This is how I think Peter feels too.


5.  Do you like the ending of the book Superfudge? Why?
Possible Answer:  I liked the ending.  It was great!  Everybody in the family seems to be happy about the decision.  They all made changes in their lives when they moved to Princeton.  Now they are happy to go back to their old lives.



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