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1. What kind of house do you think the Hatchers lived in in New York City?  Why?
Possible Answer:  I think they must have lived in a new house.  Peter complains about how old the house is in Princeton.  He says the bathtub stands off the floor, on legs.  He says the windows and doorways are crooked.  He mentions a lot of other things too.  He wouldn't notice these things or be bothered by them so much if he didn't live in a newer house before this.


2.  What do you think Mrs. Muldour uses worms for?  Why?
Possible Answer:  I think Mrs. Muldour is a lady who has a big garden.  I also know that worms are good for gardens.  This is why I think she pays the boys money to collect worms for her.  She uses them for her flower and her vegetable gardens.


3.  Do you like the title of Chapter 6? Why?
Possible Answer:  I like the title of this chapter.  I have been wondering since I started reading this book what Fudge's real name is.  Now I find out.  I like the way the author makes you wait.  I also like it because Fudge says his teacher has a rat face.  This is the best chapter so far!


4.  Make a list of words to describe Fudge's behavior his first day of school.
Possible Answer:  naughty, mean, unkind, stubborn


5.  Do you think Jimmy and Peter's friendship has come to an end?  Give reasons for you answer.
Possible Answer:  I think something is wrong.  Peter notices something different about Jimmy's voice when he is talking to him on the phone.  He thinks he is eating pretzels, but I think it is something else.  Jimmy also hangs up on Peter and doesn't call him back.  This is why I think the friendship might be over.



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