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Ghosts Don't Eat Potato Chips

Possible Answers


1.  Do you agree or disagree with Liza's statement that if she didn't know better she believes Jasper is a ghost and is living in the attic?  Why?
Possible Answer:  I agree with her.  I think I would have believed the same thing.  They saw a person in the attic window who looked just like Uncle Jasper.  What else could they have seen?


2.  Chapter 8 is called "Ghost Hunt."  How would you hunt for a ghost?
Possible Answer:  I remember renting a video called "Ghostbusters".  It was about a company who captured ghosts.  All you had to do was call them if you had ghosts you wanted to get rid of.  I would find a company like this and call them to go on a ghost hunt.


3.  Why do you think Eddie believes his Aunt Matilda isn't scared of anything?
Possible Answer:  I think Eddie believes this because his aunt lives all by herself.  He must think she is very brave to live in a big house all by herself.  I also think kids believe that old people are brave.


4.  Eddie tells his friends that Aunt Matilda is delirious.  Give reasons for this.
Possible Answer:  I think she was delirious because it said her face was white.  She was also calling Jasper and wanted him to come in the bedroom.  The author also says she is burning up with a fever.  People can become delirious when they have a very high temperature.  These are the reasons I believe she was delirious.


5.  Do you believe Jasper's ghost helped find the money or was it just dumb luck?  Explain.
Possible Answer:  I do believe the children did see something in the attic window.  I'm not sure if it was a ghost or not, but it sure got them to go up into the attic.   If they would have not gone up there, they would have never found the trunk, the hat, and the money.



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