Storm in the Night

Possible Answers


1.  Grandfather tells Thomas a story because they can't read or watch TV.  What is something you have done when the lights are out ?
Possible Answer:  Sometimes my sisters and I like to turn the lights off and tell scary stories.  It is really fun to do when you have a sleepover.  Sometimes someone is afraid though and they don't like it at all.  My best friend Melinda is really afraid when someone tells scary stories.


2.  Why do you think Thomas found it hard to believe his grandfather had ever been a boy?
Possible Answer:  I think he felt this way because his grandfather was a very old man.


3.  What are some sounds you hear at night when you cannot sleep?
Possible Answer:  I hear the roof cracking.  It is very loud when it happens.  I also hear my sisters rolling over in bed and my dog snoring.  If I listen very carefully I can sometimes hear my dad snoring.  This is funny because his bedroom is down the hallway.  So you now know he snores very loudly!


4.  Do you think Grandfather knows that Thomas is afraid of storms?  Why?
Possible Answer:  I do think Grandfather knows this.  Old people always seem to know things about kids.  My mom always says that she has eyes in the back of her head.  I believe she does.  I think this is why Grandfather told Thomas the story about when he was a young boy and was afraid of storms.


5.  Grandfather explains that it is perfectly natural to be afraid of the dark?  Name something else that is perfectly natural to be afraid of and explain why you believe this.
Possible Answer:  I think it is natural to be afraid of strangers.  You should be afraid of someone you don't know.  You should not even listen to strangers if they try to talk to you.  One thing you should never do is go somewhere with a stranger.



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