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1.  Do you think a boy and a prairie dog could become friends?  Why?
Possible Answer:  I do think they could be friends.  One time my sister and I found a blue jay under a tree.  It was there for many days.  We would go out and sit by it.  It would let us get closer every day.  After a few weeks we could go outside and it would come and fly right by us.  It would sit in a tree while we played on the front porch.  The blue jay became our friend.  This is why I think the boy in the book could become friends with a prairie dog.


2.  The word "Amigo" means "friend."  Why is this a good name for this book?
Possible Answer:  This is a good name for the book because it is about a boy and a prairie dog who friend a friend.


3.  How long do you think it took for the two to become friends?
Possible Answer:  I think it probably took a few weeks for this to happen.  They had to learn to trust each other.


4.  If you could have any pet, what pet would you choose and why?
Possible Answer:  I would choose a monkey.  I think it would be fun to have a monkey.  They are funny to watch at the zoo.  I could have a lot of fun with a monkey for a pet.  I would try to teach it to do many things.  I would take it for rides on my bike.  I would keep it in my bedroom and take it for a walk every day.


5.  Do you think Francisco still wants a dog at the end of the story?
Possible Answer:  I do not think he wants a dog at the end of the story.  He seems happy to have a prairie dog for a friend.  He also understands that his family is too poor to have a dog.



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