Owl Moon

Possible Answers


1.  The girl mentions she has been waiting a long, long time to go owling with her father.  Why do you think she had to wait so long?
Possible Answer:  I think she had to wait because she was too little.  She probably had to be old enough to walk with her dad.  I think they had to walk a long way through the snow.  I also think she had to be old enough to understand that she had to be very quiet.  This would be hard to do if she was little.


2.  How can the girl's nose and tops of her cheeks feel cold and hot at the same time?
Possible Answer:  Sometimes when I play outside in the winter I am cold and hot at the same time.  I think she was cold because it was wintertime and it was also at night when it is even colder.  I think her nose and cheeks were hot because she was so excited to hear the owl.  That is how she can be cold and hot at the same time.


3.  The girls says the snow is whiter than the milk in a cereal bowl. Can you think of something else you've seen that is that white?
Possible Answer:  My little brother's face was as white as snow.  One time my mom took him to the doctor and the nurse had to take some blood out of his arm.  She told my brother not to look, but he did.  He fainted and his face was whiter than the milk in my cereal bowl.


4.  Explain how you think the girl feels when the Great Horned Owl calls back to her Pa.
Possible Answer:  I think the girl must feel very excited.  She was waiting for a long time to go owling.  She also knew she might not even hear an owl.  She was very lucky to hear it the night she went with her Pa.


5.  Why did the author call the book Owl Moon?
Possible Answer:  I think Jane Yolen called the book Owl Moon because it is about owling.  The pictures in the book show that it is a full moon.  When there is a full moon the night sky is very bright.  This kind of night would make it easier to see an owl if it flew over you.



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