304-2 When I Am Old With You

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When I Am Old With You

Possible Answers


1.  Why does the child think it is all right if he and Granddaddy do not catch any fish?
Possible Answer:  I think the child thinks it's all right because he will be spending time with his Granddaddy.  That is the important part.


2.  Why do you think looking at the old pictures might cause them to cry?
Possible Answer:  Looking at the pictures will make them sad because some of the people might have died.  This would make them cry because they miss them.


3.  Think of someone you enjoy spending time with.  How is it like the child and his Granddaddy's time spent together?
Possible Answer:  I enjoy spending time with my Grandfather.   He lives on a farm and I love to go and visit him.  No matter what we do together, we always have fun doing it.  We ride on the tractor and work in the garden.  We feed the pigs and chickens and get the cows ready for milking.  It is all ways fun being with him.


4.  Will the child's dream to spend time with his Granddaddy when he is old ever happen?  Why?
Possible Answer:  His dream will never come true.  His Granddaddy knows this.  The child is too little to know this.  When he is old like him, his Granddaddy will be dead.



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