209-2 Many Moons

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Many Moons

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1.  Why do you think the Princess's mother is not mentioned in the book?
Possible Answer:  I think she is not mentioned because she is dead.


2.  Who is your favorite character?
Possible Answer:  My favorite character is the Court Jester.  I liked the way he would think about things.  He would decide to ask the Princess what she wanted.  Other people made excuses for not getting what the King asked for.  The Court Jester gave the Princess just what she wanted every time.


3.  Which of the reasons for not getting the moon did you like the best and why?
Possible Answer:  My favorite reason was that it is 150,000 miles away and made of green cheese.  I think this idea was the funniest of all.


4.  Do you think Princess Lenore gets anything she wants? Why?
Possible Answer:  Yes, I think the Princess gets anything she wants.  I think she is spoiled by her father the King.  All she has to do is ask for something and he makes sure she gets it.  It doesn't make any difference how hard it is to get.  She will always get what she wants.


5.  Do you like the ending of this book?
Possible Answer:  I liked the ending very much.  I think Princess Lenore is a very smart girl.  I liked the way she explained the reason for there being a moon in the sky and one around her neck.



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