208-2 Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's

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Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears

Possible Answers


1.  According to this book by Verna Aardema, why do mosquitoes buzz in people's ears?
Possible Answer:  The reason mosquitoes buzz in people's ears is because a mosquito said she saw a farmer digging yams.  She said the yams were as big as she was.  A yam is a large sweet potato.  The iguana thought that a sweet potato the size of a mosquito was not important.  All sorts of things happened in the forest.  The most important was that Mother Owl did not wake the sun and a new day did not arrive.  The animals were all angry and called for the mosquito.  She hid and listened to the animals having a meeting about her.  She had a guilty conscience.  This is why mosquitoes buzz in people's ears. and 


2.  Why do you think Mother Owl was the animal chosen to wake the sun each day?
Possible Answer:  I think Mother Owl is a good choice to wake the sun because owls hunt at night.  When she is finished hunting she is ready to go to sleep.  She would be the one to know when the night should end and a new day is to begin.


3.  What kind of mischief might python think iguana is planning against him?
Possible Answer:  I think an iguana could trick a python into thinking it could catch it and have it for a meal.  I bet the iguana could get away from a python fast.  Then the python would be mad and not have an iguana meal.


4.  Why do you think crow was chosen to spread the alarm in case of danger?
Possible Answer:  A crow is a very loud bird.  It makes a very loud sound that could be heard all across the forest.  This is why I think the crow was chosen to spread an alarm in case of danger.


5.  Do you like the ending of this book?
Possible Answer:  I liked the ending to the book very much.  Even though I know it is not true, I've always wondered why mosquitoes buzz in people's ears.  This author wrote a good book to explain it.  I would tell other people to read this book too!



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